Illegal Wildlife Trade: A Snowballing International Crime Barring Borders

Globally illegal wildlife trade has become a form of organised transnational crime that has been threatening the survival of many vulnerable and endangered wild animals for years. Do you know, it also ranks as the 4th largest illegal trade in the world?

This trade includes a diverse range of wildlife products and with body parts obtained by mercilessly killing or poaching wild animals, and siphoning parts off to cater to high market demands.

Many notorious wildlife contrabands, including poachers and smugglers are running this illicit trade.

There is unequivocal evidence that shows nature is unravelling and our planet is flashing red warning signs. Likewise, COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease, meaning it originated from an animal.

It does not end there; the illegal wildlife trade is also one of the key global drivers of rising pandemics too – bringing humans in close contact with wildlife.

The clock is ticking, as we speak. End this heinous and illicit trade for a safer, resilient, and healthier world.

We Have Hope To Bring In A Change – You Can Be Part Of It Too

India is one of the world’s largest biodiversity hotspots and has been a target of wildlife poachers and smugglers. The illegal wildlife trade is diverse and includes a wide variety of products such as mongoose hair, snake skins, rhino horn, tiger and leopard claws, bones, skins, whiskers, elephant tusks, deer antlers, shahtoosh shawl, turtle shells, musk pods, bear bile, medicinal plants, and pangolin scales, among others.

Defeating Illegal Wildlife Trade At The Source

WWF India, along with TRAFFIC (a wildlife trade monitoring network) are closely working with the National and State Governments and various other enforcement agencies to curb poaching and illegal wildlife trade in India. Some of our efforts include wildlife surveys, research and capacity building to strengthen field protection, and campaigns to educate people about the illegal wildlife trade so that consumers stop buying illegal products.

WWF India

What You Can Do

You too have the power and play a vital role to bring an end to this crime which is putting both humans and wildlife at immense risks.

Defending wildlife and safeguarding our natural world from destruction takes just two minutes of your time.