3 out of 5 rhino species critically endangered 1

Rhinos have always been large, beautiful, horned mammals that graze on plants and spend their days wandering. Because of their large size and demeanour, they were always held a high position in the animal kingdom, and were prey to very little.

Until humans came along with their guns and greed and superstitious horn powder uses. With poaching rampaging across Africa and Asia, rhinos stood very little chance against their weapons. Most rhinos were killed just for their horns and left to die. Others had to endure their horns being cut off whilst still alive, often hacked at and injured, leaving them vulnerable to attack by other animals.

Rhino populations around the world are falling to such low numbers that 3 out of the 5 species are considered critically endangered and some species have less than 80 rhinos left.1 Without acting now, all of the rhinos in the world will cease to exist. However, there is hope! If we act now and stop poaching and habitat loss, we can replenish the rhino populations to a stable size in 20 years.2

The female white rhinos – gripping for life

Najin and Fatu – the last two living northern white rhinos on earth.3

Humans are responsible for the dire position these two females [mother and daughter] northern white rhinos are now in. Their future is bleak, with no more males left to breed, their fate is not a question of if but when they will become extinct.

The northern white rhino, in particular, is down to it’s final two, there are no more left in the world and it is as dire as it sounds.

Najin and Fatu are both sad examples of how poaching can irradicate a whole species of rhino in record time. Northern white rhinos reside in central Africa, which was a place of civil war during the 20th century, allowing poachers to kill without consequence. By the 1980’s the northern white rhino had gone from thousands to only 15 and then in 2006 there were only 4 left.4 2 females and two males. Once the males passed away it was a sure thing that this species would be gone from this earth forever.

You need to act now

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