The colour is draining from the world’s coral reefs – it’s time to save them!

Global warming is increasing the oceans water temperature and coral reefs are being bleached to the point of no return. Without acting now, the world’s coral reefs will cease to exist by the end of this century if we continue to emit greenhouse gases at the current pace.1

We only have one chance – and it’s now!

Global warming is real, there is no doubt about that. Since the industrial revolution, sea temperatures have been rising and coral bleaching has been occurring every 20-30 years. Now, however, coral bleaching is occurring at an alarming rate, every 6 years which is 5x faster.2

This means the coral doesn’t have enough time between bleaching episodes to recover, resulting in the death of reefs and some species of coral already. Those that survive are gripping on with the last threads of life.

Why coral matters:

Coral keeps the oceans alive and flourishing. Without coral, thousands of species of fish and other marine life like turtles, will become extinct. Coral plays essential roles as food, breeding grounds, and shelter that make-or-break marine biodiversity.

Not to mention they help sustain fishing and tourism for many communities around the world. If coral bleaching continues, whole reefs will be wiped out, meaning zero income for those that rely on tourism, particularly people in developing countries.

Together we can make a global commitment to decrease global warming by committing to stick to the Paris Agreement and decrease our carbon footprint. Every country needs to play their part and by taking the quiz you can make a difference too.

You need to act now

Commit to the fight for the future of coral reefs and help to reduce global warming by caring for the planet one day at a time.

Take the 2-minute quiz to discover the disturbing truth about the impending extinction of coral reefs.

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