If we all went meat free by 2050 food-related emissions would drop by 60% 1

Imagine a world where temperatures are so high you cannot go outside, not to mention the melting of ice, impacting the oceans temperatures and causing dead marine life and extreme pollution that makes it impossible to breathe fresh air. This could be your reality if greenhouse gasses are not reduced – rapidly.

What’s causing it?

One of the biggest culprits of greenhouse gas emissions is animal agriculture – more specifically, the meat and dairy industry.

This industry is also responsible for deforestation, to increase land space to raise cattle. Despite all this, guess who is really at fault? We are. As consumers, we drive the demand for more meat and dairy, resulting in further damage to our planet.

DON’T BLAME THE COWS – it’s on you

The farming of animals is responsible for producing 7.1Gt of CO2 each year! This amounts to 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions.2

You can help the planet to survive by adopting a plant based diet and encouraging others to eat less meat/dairy to reduce global warming. The less demand there is for meat and dairy, the less animals will need to be bred, killed and used for their by-products in animal agriculture.

The solution3

Buy less/Eat less meat and dairy: Make the move towards a more sustainable diet to decrease your impact on the environment.

Make conscious choices: When food shopping or eating out, consider where things are from, the impact they have had on the environment and whether there is a more sustainable alternative available instead.

Just ask: Unsure where your meat and dairy actually comes from? Ask! You might be surprised by how much of your daily food consumed comes from factory farming. Once you understand the impact, you won’t want to continue contributing to an industry that is killing the planet

Spread the word: Let others know what you are doing and why! Promoting the need to swap out or reduce your meat and dairy consumption is the key to achieving the reduction in CO2 needed to save the planet.

Greenhouse Gases will increase 52% by 2050 if no action is taken4

If you continue to consume meat and dairy at the current rate, our planet will suffocate. With increased animal farming practices, to keep up with demand, GHG are higher than at any time in the last 650 000 years.5

Help reduce your impact on global warming.

Change only happens with awareness. You can help create this change and decrease the demand for meat and dairy.

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