Pledge to Become a Shark Saviour
Photo Credit: INTERPOL/Flickr*

Pledge to become a Shark Saviour. Do your part to save them from extinction.

When you pledge to fight the catastrophic butchering of sharks for shark finning you can help protect these glorious creatures of the sea. When the demand ends, so will the slaughter. Add your name now to protect sharks.

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Add your name to pledge to be a shark saviour

Up to 200 sharks are slaughtered every minute.1

We are to blame. These ancient mariners are being brutally captured and maimed for their meat and shark fin soup.

The cruelty sharks suffer in the name of shark finning is unimaginable. In the hunt their fins are hacked off while they are still alive. After, they are simply dumped into the ocean to bleed to death.

Sharks have survived on Earth for 400 million years.2 The mass killing of the ocean’s apex predator is detrimental for marine ecosystems. Without sharks, many marine species would go extinct.3,4

The extinction of the glorious shark is hurtling toward us. Will we be able to save them in time?

Fast Facts

  • 1/3 of the sharks in our oceans are at risk of extinction.5

  • 100 million sharks are brutally captured and slaughtered every year.1

  • A bowl of shark fin soup can cost as much as USD 200.

  • Sharks are apex predators which means they are crucial for keeping marine food chains in balance.

  • Sharkless oceans would result in toxic algal blooms, climate change worsening and marine species extinction.6

The Solution

SPREAD AWARENESS - Educate your family and friends on the atrocities of shark finning and the horror sharks face for their fins and meat.

REDUCE THE DEMAND - The brutalities of shark finning aren’t just some sadistic past time, they are profitable because we are driving demand. Once the demand stops, so will the slaughter.

SUPPORT PROTECTION – Support shark conservation projects that are working to safeguard these glorious creatures from the brutalities of shark finning.

USE YOUR VOICE – Encourage your government representatives to ban all shark products from shark fin soup to shark skin.

Your Pledge

You can count on me to do my part to stop the senseless cruelty of shark finning:

  • I will never contribute to the slaughter of sharks by buying any shark products.

  • I will never consume or buy shark fin soup.

  • I will spread awareness to stop shark finning with my friends, family and colleagues.

  • I will stand with ItAllCounts and help stop the cruel maiming of sharks for profit.

*Photo credit: “White Cheek Shark Slaughtered for the Illegal Shark Fin Trade” ( by USFWS is licensed under public domain.


I pledge to save sharks from extinction by making a commitment to help stop the demand for shark parts and spread awareness.