Pledge to End Puppy Mills
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Pledge to become a Puppy Protector and end puppy mills. Commit to giving dogs the life they deserve and stop their suffering.

You have the power to stop the cruelty. End the unjustifiable suffering of dogs in puppy mills. We are driving the demand for the horrific conditions of these animals. Add your name now to give dogs the lives they deserve.

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When you buy, another dog will die!

Dogs in puppy mills live desolate lives. Purchasing online and from pet stores, consumers cannot imagine the conditions these dogs live in.1 They are housed in filthy rooms starved of light with no temperature control.2 Some are permanently confined to cramped cages their entire lives.3 These conditions are often overcrowded and unsanitary.4 Those that are rescued don’t even know how to walk on grass or walk at all.5

These puppies are completely deprived of socialisation, exercise, and veterinary care.

Mother dogs are bred to death or abandoned when they can no longer produce litters. There is not enough recovery between litters and puppies are separated from mothers immediately.6 They are sold within weeks of birth. Appalling conditions lead to severe health issues. But the rate of the puppy retail market means it is more profitable to ship sick puppies for long distances and sort out which have survived upon arrival, the rest are dumped like trash.2

Fast Facts

  • Only around half of puppies born in mills survive their first 12 weeks.7,8

  • Puppies suffer with diseases and painful health conditions such as; epilepsy, dental disease, matted fur, ear infections, eye disorders, dehydration, and malnutrition.3,9

  • To hold as many dogs as possible, dogs are stacked in wire mesh cages. This means constant exposure to urine and feces causing painful skin conditions and spreading of parasites and infectious diseases.3

  • 77,000 breeding females are “worn-out” each year and replaced with new dogs.8

  • Among all facilities, legal and illegal, upwards of 4 million dogs are born annually (in the US).8

  • 51.64% of puppies have an unknown fate.8

The Solution

End the demand - If you are planning to bring a puppy or dog into your life, do not buy from a pet store or online unless you can visit the breeder and meet the mother. The best way to ensure you are not supporting puppy mills is to adopt, it’s a great way to give a dog a second chance.

Educate - Tell the people around you about the consequences of buying dogs from puppy mills and places that contribute to puppy mills. Spread awareness so that no one is unwittingly sustaining this cruelty.

Advocate – Use your voice to stand behind stronger regulations for breeders and illegal puppy mills who often violate animal welfare standards without any repercussions.10,11

Your Pledge

You can count on me to commit to ending the cruelty of puppy mills and to end their unnecessary suffering:

  • I will never buy from a puppy mill.

  • I will advocate for improved breeding regulations.

  • I will support my local shelter in giving deserving dogs a home through adoption.

  • I will not buy items from pet stores that contribute to puppy mills.

  • I will educate the people around me about the misery of dogs in puppy mills.

  • I will stand with ItAllCounts to end the torturous nature of puppy mills on innocent dogs to feed the demands of puppy retail.

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* Photo Credit: “Puppy mill 01.jpg” ( by PETA is licensed under public domain.

Pledge to end puppy mills

I pledge to become a Puppy Protector by making a commitment to never buy from a puppy mill.