Pledge to Fight for the Cage-free Egg Movement

Pledge to fight for the cage-free egg movement. Do your part to help hens have a better life.

Change starts with you. When you pledge to stop consuming cage eggs you are making a commitment to play a role in ending the demand for cage eggs and spreading awareness. When the buying stops, the conditions for hens will change for the better. Add your name now to do your part to boycott cage-eggs and keep them off the shelves.

Pledges so far: 147

60% of the world’s eggs are cage-eggs1

Despite many large companies pledging to go 100% cage-egg free by 2025, many of them are behind. This is due to demand and cost. Innocent hens are suffering each day in tiny cages, squished up against 3-20 other bids all day long.

With more and more eggs being needed to meet demands, hens are forced to live in horrific circumstances, worse than prison. Their crime? They are hens.

Without access to fresh air, room to move, spread their wings, or natural light these hens will live in hell until they are taken to be slaughtered.

Fast Facts2,3

  • Battery hens only live 72 weeks, then are sent to slaughter as they are no longer useful. Their lifespan outside of factory farms is up to 12 years.

  • The space each hen has is around the size of an A4 piece of paper.

  • Male born chicks are killed by being ground up as they are considered waste products in the egg industry.

  • With zero privacy and minimal space, hens become distraught, agitated and feel trapped as they cannot move around, nor make a place to nest before they lay their eggs.

  • Hens suffer a range of health problems due to their constant confinement including; foot problems, chronic pain, osteoporosis from lack of movement and broken bones. These are often left untreated as so many hens are in the one cage, injuries are hard to spot.

The Solution

STOP buying cage-eggs - The best way to show your support to battery hens is to stop buying cage eggs and research companies before making a purchase from them if their products contain eggs.

BOYCOTT supermarkets who sell them - The big supermarkets have had many chances to remove cage eggs from the shelves and to push them in the right direction, consumers need to put their foot down. Show them that you mean business and won’t take no for an answer. The EU banned cage egg production back in 2012, when will the rest of the world wake-up?

SHARE the message and encourage others – It is up to you to do your part by sharing your knowledge with family and friends and telling them the horrors involved with cage-eggs. Urge them to purchase free-range eggs instead!

REDUCE the demand – When the demand dies, so do the business opportunities and cost benefits. There is no time to waste, the hens are suffering every day we keep buying cage-eggs.

Your Pledge

You can count on me to do my part to end the production of cage-eggs and improve the lives of laying hens:

  • I will never contribute to the cage-egg industry.

  • I will be a committed advocate in support of freeing hens from a life of purgatory and ending cage-egg farming.

  • I will spread awareness to stop the poor treatment of hens and the purchasing of cage-eggs.

  • I will urge my local government to ban cage-egg production and to fund free-range egg farms.

  • I will stand with ItAllCounts and help ban cage-eggs from being in our future.


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I pledge to save hens from the brutality of battery cages by making a commitment to help stop the demand for cage-eggs and spread awareness.