Pledge to Boycott Marine Parks

Pledge to become a Marine Life Liberator. Do your part to free sea animals by boycotting marine parks.

Change starts with you. When you pledge to boycott venues that hold dolphins, whales, orcas and other marine mammals in captivity you are helping to prevent further suffering and torture. Add your name now to do your part and ensure no more marine mammals have to be kept in lockdown forever.

Pledges so far: 192

A concrete prison is no place for marine wildlife

For the benefit of your entertainment, marine mammals are suffering from a life of stress, agitation, threats, and abuse. They belong in the ocean where they can roam free, develop relationships and dive deeply. Breeding naturally is something they cannot seem to do in captivity and it takes a toll on the animals. More often than not, they are forcibly impregnated artificially to produce more babies for the entertainment of visitors.

These majestic creatures will live their lives circling a concrete tank, in search of more that doesn’t exist.

When you see dolphins jumping and doing tricks, they seem happy. But behind closed doors, these animals are suffering from injuries, depression and poor health. Wildlife should not be trained, they deserve a life of freedom to play, dive and swim for miles.

The capturing and breeding of animals in captivity needs to stop and that starts with reducing the demand to see them out of their natural habitats.

Now is the time to take action by doing your part in the fight against places like Sea World where they profit from the endless suffering of marine mammals.

Fast Facts

  • Orcas can only dive 10 meters in captivity, compared to 1000m in the ocean.1,2

  • 40 orcas, 300 dolphins and whales and 400 pinnipeds have died whilst in captivity.1,2

  • Captive marine mammals suffer from a huge range of health problems, including extreme stress, neurotic behaviours and abnormal levels of aggression.3

  • Dolphins can live for 50 years, meaning 50 years in lockdown.

  • Capture methods are extremely traumatizing, involving high-speed boat chases and swimmers violently wrestling animals into submission. They’ll then haul the terrified animal onto a boat in a sling and dump them into shallow temporary holding tanks.4

  • Across the globe, captivity facilities do not have regulations for the conditions and space the animals are kept in, meaning some are left in dirty water, with diseases and other species they would never associate with in the wild – initiating fights.

  • The lifespan of orcas is halved in captivity. They are believed to be able to live up to 50 years or more but only a handful have lived past 30.5

  • Families are torn apart when animals are taken from the ocean with horrific methods.

The Solution

Remove the demand - When you stop paying admission fees to marine parks you are helping to remove the demand to see marine life perform and suffer.

Educate others - Help others to understand the horrific conditions that these mammals have to live in day after day, it’s like being in constant lockdown.

Spread the message – By sharing the message to boycott marine parks to help save animals lives you can make a difference to the future of other marine life.

Recognise animal rights – It should be illegal to lock up wild animals for their lifetime, they need to be free to behave naturally in the ocean.

Your Pledge

You can count on me to do my part to prevent marine mammals from suffering a life of lockdown in marine parks:

  • I will never visit marine parks or help fund them in any way

  • I will be the voice for marine life and educate others about their pain

  • I will encourage my friends and family to boycott marine parks

  • I will support foundations looking to release marine life from captivity into the ocean

  • I will stand with ItAllCounts and help end the suffering of sentient beings in marine parks across the globe.



I pledge to become a Marine Life Liberator by making a commitment to boycott venues holding marine animals captive.