Koalas sold out for coal

In the past 2 decades, koala populations have more than halved in NSW and Queensland due to land-clearing, bushfires, drought and climate change. 1 Koalas are perishing and the Federal Government have just walked away from their cries.

As we were all worrying about the pandemic the NSW and Federal Governments quietly stripped back koala protections.

A new agreement will allow the coal industry to destroy endangered habitat before a replacement home is found. There won’t be any legal consequences for making the koala homeless.

Now, koala populations are suffering the double whammy of bushfires and this appalling agreement.

Australian environmental laws have failed time and time again in protecting our incredible wildlife.

And it’s not just our beloved koala at stake: Australia is now ranked worst in the world for mammal extinctions, second in the world for loss of biodiversity, and fourth in the world for mammal and plant extinctions. 2,3

What is Greenpeace doing?

Greenpeace is supporting the climate and environment movement to:

  1. Push for the new generation of environmental laws we need to save the koala from extinction.
  2. Make representations to the Federal Environmental Minister to stop doing the bidding of big mining interests.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific is part of the Places You Love Alliance, which is pushing for a new generation of environmental laws to prevent extinction. They’re calling for a new independent regulator that is transparent, accountable and focuses on environmental outcomes.

We’re up against the interests of big mining companies and developers who want to trash our already weak environmental laws, but together, we can achieve a new environmental framework that helps species like the koala recover from the threats they already face and the increasing risk of extreme climate-fuelled weather events like the recent bushfires.

Is this goodbye to the koala?

Koalas have been listed as a vulnerable species since 2012. Disgustingly, habitat destruction has only quickened it’s pace in NSW and QLD since then. 4

Why? Because the fossil fuel companies responsible know they won’t face a single consequence.

There seems to be no respite for the adorable marsupial. The Australian bushfires were absolutely brutal for our threatened wildlife. And our loveable wildlife icons were literally burning alive.

The fires wiped out prime koala habitat, especially in NSW, where a third of koala habitat has been destroyed and an estimated 8,000 koalas killed. 5

Many of their favourite feed trees are now in critically endangered ecosystems that have been put at risk of extinction by bulldozers, a drying climate and increasingly severe bushfires. These furry creatures are having to travel longer distances to scavenge for food in their ever-diminishing habitat.

We can’t lose our beloved national icon to coal.

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We can save the koala, together

It took tens of thousands of people to chase BP, Chevron and Equinor out of their drilling plans in the Great Australian Bight. Greenpeace mobilised over 100,000 people to get Commbank to rule out new coal projects - and they did. There is no change without people power - and if we want to protect our koalas and other threatened species, we need to come together.

Huge possibilities for the future abound in renewable energy, manufacturing, regenerative agriculture, shifting freight to rail - but there are massive vested interests that stand in our way.

If we want to build a vibrant, sustainable and people-powered future, it will take all of us to stand up to corporations who want to wind back already weak environmental laws for their own interests- the koalas need you!

Stand up for koalas

Protecting our unique wildlife has never been more important.

The fact is that the Federal law is just not strong enough to prevent extinction, and that’s why we need a new generation of environmental laws. It will take all of us together to demand the Government to put our precious ecosystems ahead of corporate greed.

Our threatened species like the koala and the habitats they depend on have no industry lobby behind them, but as a powerful movement, we can stand up for what’s invaluable, and give our beloved wildlife a fighting chance.

Stand up for koalas today and help Greenpeace push for a new generation of environmental laws with this 2 minute survey.

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